About Us

VonnRommDesigns is a private design company based on over thirty - plus years experience in the Creative Design industry.  VRD has a proven history of patent worthy innovation, award winning creativity, manufacturing savvy with sources both domestic and international, numerous and varied industrial applications, and the ability to act as a sales liaison where required.

What drives us

Interactive Kiosks, Graphics, Pallet Displays, Pre-Packed Displays, Permanent Display Fixtures comprised of (Metal Fabrication, Injection Molding, Vacu-Form, Wire and Wood), Temporary Displays (Corrugated Floor, Counter top, Motion, Solid Fiber)



Consumer Products, Technical Illustration, Interior Design, In-Store Environments, Light Engineering, Automotive, Electronic

When outsourcing design, look to VRD to provide cost conscience, up to date technical, culturally competent and professional results. Everytime.


Member IDSA, CSSBB, Solid Works User Group, POPAI, BBB





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