Concept Brain Storming / Exploration- 2D & 3D Rendering
                      Design /Engineering Integrated Concept Development

                      Graphic Design & Layouts
                      Materials exploration / identification

                      Detailed color and graphic specifications


          Web    Website Design & development
                      Appearance models function models

                      Preliminary prototypes

                      Vendor / manufacturer liaison





            Consumer and Industrial Design Insight Translation

                     Technical direction, new concept and technology development

                     Materials exploration, specifications

                     Regulatory adherence

                     Detailed cost analysis

                     Engineering analysis: SolidWorks-structural, mechanical, failure mode, stress,

                                                          collision, COG, fatigue

                     Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Design for Manufacturing

                     Data base development, refinement, delivery to manufacturing (SolidWorks)

                     Assurance of design intent and integrity

                     Engineering evaluation models (SLA, CNC)

                     Advanced prototyping / short run production

  Vendor selection and liaison- North America, Asia



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